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The combination of all our services makes a perfect event and provides our customers with the confidence that we take care of EVERYTHING!


Hotel bookings in Bulgaria and abroad, air tickets, travel insurance. All you may need for a safe and comfortable trip.   

Hotel booking
Congress Management and Events works with a global booking system. Upon request our experts will provide best hotel rates worldwide.  

Air tickets
What we should know?
The preparation for travel starts long before the airplane takes off.
First, you should tell our personnel what your needs are.
The basic information about your travel consists of:
• which town and country you would like to reach
• in which period and at what dates you would like to flight
• are these dates fixed or not
• are you alone or with accompanying persons
• number of accompanying persons /for groups above 10 persons we offer group price/
• your age and the age of your accompanying persons /for discounts/
• your exact names by ID
With this information you allow our personnel to prepare several options for your travel, make the reservations and send them to you by e-mail.
You choose the best itinerary; afterwards you check your name and the names of your accompanying persons.
In the reservation the last date for payment and issuing the ticket is stated.

Travel insurance
Congress Management and Events provides travel insurance for travelling abroad. Upon request our experts will provide an offer.