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what our clients say
  • Прекрасен екип сте и ви желая много успехи и много нови конгреси и събития.

    Dr. Georgi Hristov, Гост-лектор на "Дни на ехокардиографията 2016"
  • You are also part of the success of the course.
    Prof. Yves Louvard, Guest speaker in Bulgarian Bifurcation Course 2016, France
  • Oтново комплименти за добрата организация.

    Dr. Farhat Fouladvand, Instituto Clinico Sant’Ambrogio, Milan, Italy
  • I would like to congratulate to you for the superb organization and your kind hospitality. I am always happy to go to Sofia largely because I know that your Meetings are perfectly organized.

    Dr. Imre Ungi, Department of Cardiology, University of Szeged, Hungary
  • I wanted to thank you again for the terrific organization of our meeting. It was very professional and at the same time very warm and friendly.
    Prof. Amos Tandler, Ministry of Agriculture and National Center for Mariculture (Emeritus), Israel
  • Thank you once more for the excellent organization and the friendly touch you added.
    Dr. Guy Heyndrickx, Guest speaker in Bulgarian Bifurcation Course 2016, Belgium
  • Thank you very much for your hospitality and excellent organization. Everyone was impressed by the quality of the meeting.
    Prof. Alireza Fazeli, Vice-Chairman and Grant Holder, Epiconcept, The University of Sheffield UK
  • It was indeed an excellent meeting. 
    Thanks again for taking care of all the necessary logistics.

    Dr. Gabor Toth-Gayor, Interventional Cardiologist at University Heart Center Graz, Austria
  • All your team was perfect and this was great input to our congress.

    Konstantina Theodoratou, President of ICMART, President of SAMAG, Greece
  • Благодарим за чудесното сътрудничество, за невероятно спокойната и приятна атмосфера по време на нашите мероприятия, дължаща се изключително на вашия професионализъм.
    Виктория Янчова, Българска асоциация на архитектите и инженерите консултанти - БААИК