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19th International Conference of International Humic Substances Society

19th International Conference of International Humic Substances Society

date: 16 - 21 September 2018
location: Albena Resort, Varna
client: Bulgarian Humic Substances Society


The 19th International Conference of International Humic Substances Society was held on 16 - 21 September 2018 in Albena Resort, Bulgaria. The conference provided a wonderful forum for all participants to refresh their knowledge base and explore the innovations in every aspect of the humic matter. The forum offered plenty of networking opportunities and great scientific program providing delegates with the chance to meet and interact with the leading scientists and researchers, friends and colleagues from universities and industries, all over the world.

170 participants
  • Win the bid for hosting the event
  • Propose a hotel venue, which was not built yet
  • Arrangement of different kits for different guest categories  
  • Set-up of poster boards 
  • Organization of field trip   
  • We managed to convince the Bulgarian Humic Substances Society in our professional skills, experience and attitude and we submitted together a bid for hosting the event, although the Society hasn’t worked with us before. Cooperation was very successful
  • We relied on our long-term and excellent cooperation with our colleagues from Albena Resort and together we decided to offer a brand new conference hotel which was not built yet
  • We took into consideration the requirements of our clients for the special arrangement of the items into the kits for each guest category and we implemented a system for its achievement
  • We met well in advance with the company, which provided the boards, and we communicated the best way of arranging them into the plenary hall. We reminded the company that it would be challenging to carry the boards up to the hall, as there was no freight elevator in the hotel. They considered that fact and provided more staff members to carry the boards
  • There were five buses of delegates going to the field trip. As the number of people who could stand by the soil profile was limited, we had to create a precise schedule for mismatching the buses considering very carefully the necessary time for presentation and discussion at the soil profile.   
We enjoyed the IHSS conference last week in Albena, in large measure due to the fine planning you and your staff provided for all the activities.  Transportation and events all flowed seamlessly.  I had a great time. Did more networking at that conference than perhaps any other in the past, in part because everything else was provided for. 
We visitors had a great opportunity to learn about Bulgaria.  Many thanks to you and your staff!
Prof. Dan Olk, United States Department of Agriculture

I will take this opportunity to express my gratitude and many thanks to you for all your efforts to arrange the 19-th. IHSS meeting. I do know the skills needed to put together a perfect arrangement like this.
I have had “humics” in my head, for nearly 60 years and I am impressed of the environmental importance of this matter.
All mine time, I have emphasized the importance of cooperation. The knowledge-exchange at meetings, like yours in Bulgaria, is indeed important. Even of more importance is personal contact.

Dr. Egil Gjessing
University of Oslo, Norway

We want to say thank you and all employees of your organization for their help, responsiveness and kind attitude during our arrival at the conference. Thanks to you our stay in Bulgaria was comfortable and pleasant so we really want to return there again!
Valeria Tatarintseva and Svetlana Selyanina
N. Laverov Federal Center for Integrated Arctic Research (Russian Academy of Science)