small touches

We put heart, good humour and attention to detail: these small touches that turn a  well-organized event into an unforgettable experience.



1. Collecting client’s requirements

We want to identify your goals and objectives. We want to fully understand what a successful event means to you.

2. Design and time frame

Our role is to form your concept and put it into reality. We are here to choose the direction of the event, generate creative ideas to match your goals and objectives. Our planning ensures that your project is kept on track, in time, within budget and will achieve the required results.

3. Implementation and production

After so much planning and preparing, finally the event is here. It our team who will take care of the implementation, control and coordination of all the services on spot and make sure everything runs,  smoothly.

4. Evaluation and feedback

We produce service delivery and financial report. After the event we are always having a discussion with you to know what worked well or if there is anything you would like to change for the future.