making you feel special

We know that pulling a special event together can take lots of time and resource. Sometimes it can often feel as a second job in addition to your normal day job. That’s where we come in.

Special events

Special events are thоse unique moments in our live which we celebratе  in a special way to satisfy special needs and make memorable. The way it happens is what we do.                          

Our team is a bunch of creative and vibrant young people, who are absolutely in love with what they do. We shall be really challenged to develop your special event concept and make it happen in a unique way. It could be your dinner, wine-tasting, anniversary, celebration, theme party, birthday, etc.

The idea of having a wine-tasting accompanied by a contrabass live performance, theme French party with can-can players and absent drinking, corporate meeting in the park dressed in construction workers’ overalls, culinary competition after a sailing adventure, all this inspires us and its seamless realization brings us real satisfaction.     

Special events